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The Five-Year Entrepreneur Retreat 2014

22 January, 2014 at 11:14


Five-Year Entrepreneur Retreat 2014

This idea came about some time back when then earliest readers of the Series asked me if I was planning any events. Truth be told I wasn’t initially … but after a further survey of the 5YE membership revealed a real appetite for such a forum … planning got underway.

Who is it for?

This inaugural event – which will be capped to 20 – is for ambitious owner managers of professional service firms (or those seriously considering starting-up such a venture). During the Retreat, you will explore in some detail the action steps required to build value into your business – such that it will, ultimately, provide you with the option for a life-changing, value-realisation-event and personal financial freedoms beyond.

It is for you if you have serious intent to grow such a business and would value the opportunity to learn from, and contribute to, a forum of such like-minded peers.

What will it involve?

In the comfort of an award-winning, luxury country hotel, and as facilitated by myself, the Retreat will have a full agenda consisting of the following elements:

(1) Working sessions/discussions on key modules of The Five-Year Entrepreneur Series/Model e.g. The Fundamental Components of Value, Business Planning, Marketing, Selling, Building a High-Performing Team, Business Organisation, Service Propositions, Thought Leadership etc.

(2) Practical sessions focused on developing/refining your own firm’s growth business plan

(3) Case Study Discussions

(4) Peer Support Sessions (sharing and co-reviewing key growth challenges you face in your business right now)

(5) Expert Guest Speakers

(6) Social moments (don’t worry there will be some time between working sessions to relax!)

What makes this event different and special?

Getting from where you are now to a point where your professional service business has life-changing value is, self-evidentially, not an easy process.

To build such a firm requires (a) pragmatic knowledge of where value lies and the systems required to develop such success, (b) the inclination/motivation to tread the ‘hard miles’ of this value-build journey, and, (c) access to experienced advice/support en route.

Uniquely, this event will aim to address all three critical areas – specifically targeted at entrepreneurs of professional service companies (consulting, financial, engineering, legal, design firms etc).

In an intense two-day event, I will cover the core aspects of my experience (singleton start-up-to-sale of Moorhouse for c. £20m in under five-years) as covered in The Five-Year Entrepreneur Series. Additionally, you will benefit from the impressive calibre, and experience, of fellow entrepreneurs at the event. Capped to a select peer group of 20, I guarantee a high-energy, motivating event that will leave you raring to get back to your new/revised business plans.

Finally, harnessing such a select forum of like-minded attendees, the event will also initiate a professional mutual-support construct … enabling you to receive on-going support/advice in the months and years ahead.


When and where is it?

Five-Year Entrepreneur Retreat 2014

Five-Year Entrepreneur Retreat 2014

The event is scheduled for Wednesday 02 July to Friday 04 July 2014. Registration for the event will open at 3pm on the Wednesday with the event formally commencing at 5pm. The Seminar will conclude at 3.30pm on the Friday.

We will effectively ‘have to ourselves’ the luxury Homewood Park Hotel & Spa – located just outside Bath, UK. It will be the perfect setting for a real ‘escape’ from operational challenges … a chance to truly work ‘on your business’ in a relaxed setting. There are excellent transport links from M4 (driving), Bath Railway Station (train) and Bristol Airport (flying).

Reserve your place now …

The full price of the Five-Year Entrepreneur ‘Retreat’ 2014 is £2,950 plus VAT*. In addition to the seminar fee, this will include full accommodation, dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and all supplied learning materials.

The event will be capped to 20 places; there are a number of reservations already made (8 at the time of this communique) so I would encourage early booking if you are keen to attend. To reserve your place now please email me here 

* Full refund if cancellation received by 31 March 2014; 50% refund if cancelled by 30 May 2014. No refund for cancellation post 01 June 2014.


Guarantee to Entrepreneur Event

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3 comments on “The Five-Year Entrepreneur Retreat 2014

  1. If you are looking for an expert speaker in the profession of leadership to support your event, pleas let me know. I was an adviser to Steve Jobs and developed the happiness index for David Cameron. I also have a readership of 50,000+, which we could use to promote the event.

  2. Saw an advert for this on the sidebar of an Australian real-estate site – whoever is doing your IT / Search Engine Optimisation is doing a phenomenal job!

    Sounds like a great event Dom – I would love to make it but I’m unlikely to be over in the UK. If that changes I’ll be front of the queue. Hope all’s well.

    • Dom says:

      Thanks Nick

      The inaugural event was a resounding success so will definitely repeat at some stage. Trust all well with you and business going from strength to strength. Stay well.


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