The Concept

What to expect

The guides are designed for the time poor. Whilst you will get most from them by reading cover-to-cover, they are also designed to be dipped into as per your business challenge of the moment. Each guide has a consistent set of information blocks to assist the rushed reader:

  • Chapter Aims: Objectives you should achieve in reading the guide
  • Top Tips: Simple, practical guidance ‘from the coalface’
  • Activity: Signposts an activity you are recommended to undertake – to cement your knowledge or improve your business
  • Checklists: A simple tick box list for those key things to do now
  • Motivation Moment: Quotes and anecdotes that teach or inspire
  • Cautions: Things to watch out for, traps to avoid
  • Case Study Corner: A relevant aspect of the Moorhouse story to illustrate a point
  • As a minimum: Final section giving you the least you need to know
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Informative, practical, inspirational, based as it is on the genuine experience of someone who has done what it says on the tin.

Giles Johnson, Director, CIL

I found the Five-Year Entrepreneur Guides an excellent summary of the practical solutions required to building a successful, small-to-medium-sized consulting business. I can see them becoming a well thumbed text.

Tim Phillips, Global Partner, Molten and winner of the London and South East IOD Director of the year 2012

These guides are essential reading for anyone setting up in business, particularly in the field of professional services. I strongly recommend them.

Bob Hendicott, Hendicott Partnership Ltd

This set of guide modules would have saved us years in terms of the journey, £000s in terms of avoiding the common pitfalls and a head full of grey hair in terms of frustration!

Pete Austin, Director, Suiko Limited

Dom has absolutely captured the need to manage the growth of a business like a project with clear objectives and deliverables, supported by robust and effective systems.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Provelio Limited

If running a successful consultancy or small business is your aspiration then this practical, ‘how to’ set of guides is highly recommended.

Tanya Lightbody, Director, Ingenuity Inspired Limited

The guides have been of enormous, practical help. They have brought hugely valuable clarity, focus, and creative ideas to our business; just as importantly, they've helped re-energise us at critical times in our development.

Nick Fletcher, Director, Vivendi Consulting (Australia)

Dom has condensed a wealth of critical experience, anecdotes and advice into a really practical, concise set of guides ... relevant for any aspiring professional services owner or frankly those of us who have been doing this for a few years!

Andy Marsh, Managing Director, Suiko Ltd

Wonderfully logical and coherent guides marrying textbook theory, working models, actual experience and the all-important human side of the challenge.

Rupert Tobin, Director, 100%Cotton Ltd.

  • Who is this for?

    The Five-Year Entrepreneur series has been designed for the managing owner(s) of a professional service business. Indeed, this is for you even if you are just keen to explore the idea of setting up your own such firm.

    Such firms are primarily business-to-business ventures and involve the marketing, selling and dispensing of a ‘professional service’. The definition is, however, broad and covers a panoply of service types – from business consulting, accounting, law, advertising, web design, architecture, engineering, recruitment, financial services, marketing, public relations, research and so on. Generally speaking, if your firm harnesses the talents of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to provide advice and support to other businesses then this website is for you.

    The series is especially focused on leaders who are committed to starting/growing such businesses in order to derive – or at least provide an option for – a personal wealth creation point in the future.

  • The Concept Explained

    The Five-Year Entrepreneur series will eventually include 21 guides (available in a number of e-reader formats); each takes the reader systematically through a key step on the journey towards building a sustainable, profitable company … one that will ultimately have value. With the purchase of each guide, a related series of valuable assets is also ‘unlocked’ to you as a member of this site. The series has also been designed for the novice entrepreneur and the seasoned veteran. The former will derive most value from working through all the guides, the latter may just have a need to ‘dip into’ specific topics in which their current focus lies.

  • The Guide Series

    The Five-Year Entrepreneur series is organised into four parts and contains 21 guidebooks that cover everything you need to know to create ownership wealth in a professional service business.

    The two guides in Part 1 (Understanding) show you the personal attributes and commitment you will need for the journey ahead (Guide 01 – Personal Motivation and Circumstance) and the fundamental components of value in a professional service business such that you can embed this knowledge in every future, firm-growing decision you make thereafter (Guide 02 – The Fundamental Components of Value).

    In Part 2 (Planning), I introduce you to professional service business models and describe the business planning you need to do at start-up and embed as a critical, repeating capability thereafter (Guide 03 – Business Planning). I also look at how to optimally organise your business for growth and value (Guide 04 – Business Organisation).

    Part 3 (Building) is the heart of the series. Here you will find multiple guidebooks that describe – at a practical level – how to establish and manage all the components of a ‘well oiled’ professional service operation.

    Finally, in Part 4 (Selling), three guidebooks will cover this pivotal phase on the wealth creation journey in order that your firm is well presented to the market, the optimal deal is achieved for all involved parties and your wealth creation goals are realised.

    The overall series is as follows:

    Part 1: Understanding

    Guide 01 Personal Motivation and Circumstance
    Guide 02 The Fundamental Components of Value

    Part 2: Planning

    Guide 03 Business Planning
    Guide 04 Business Organisation

    Part 3: Building

    Business Development

    Guide 05 Management Information and Decision Making
    Guide 06 Service Propositions and Thought Leadership
    Guide 07 Marketing
    Guide 08 Selling

    Knowledge, Culture and Communications

    Guide 09 Establishing a High-Performing Team
    Guide 10 Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property

    People/Talent Management

    Guide 11 Talent management – Recruitment to Exit
    Guide 12 Continuous Professional Development
    Guide 13 Building the HR Function
    Guide 14 Developing the Leadership Team


    Guide 15 Financial Control
    Guide 16 Service Delivery and Quality Management Systems
    Guide 17 IM/IS Capability
    Guide 18 Estate/Office Management

    Part 4: Selling

    Guide 19 Preparing for the Firm’s Sale
    Guide 20 The Sale Process
    Guide 21 Post Sale and Beyond

  • Related Resources and Discussion

    With each guide purchase, a set of related resources is unlocked on your membership profile:

    • Recorded interviews with business owners/experts discussing critical elements of the guide
    • Tools and templates that will save you reinventing the wheel every time you need a standard form, company document or analytical tool
    • Links to other useful reference materials and resources
    • Discussion Board. Each guide will invariably raise further questions in your mind – the learning never stops. In these discussion boards, a community of business owners – tackling the same issues as you – come together to discuss and resolve shared questions.
  • The Benefits

    With the structured learning you will experience as a result of reading these guides you will be able to drive your business forward in the confidence you are on the right track. By following the steps within, you will gain an assurance that you are not just working hard but working smartly also. Importantly, with the wealth of practical insights, tips, checklists and ideas presented within the series, any attentive reader will take an instant leap forward in comparison to competitor firms … the vast majority of whom are not working to any coherent value realisation strategy or with any understanding of how to build value into a firm from the word ‘go’. This is no ‘get rich quick scheme’ … as a hard working entrepreneur you will know that better than anyone. It is, however, a hugely valuable resource that will significantly de-risk your quest of arriving at a point of maximum business value in as quick a time as possible … hence increasing your personal options for financial security and freedom beyond.