The Guide Modules

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The Foundation Bundle of ‘The Five-Year Entrepreneur’ consists of five guide modules covering the entirety of Part 1 (Understanding) and Part 2 (Planning) of the series as well as the most critical of the Part 3 (Building) guides – Guide 08 (Selling). Together, these represent a valuable resource for the budding and seasoned professional service firm entrepreneur/owner. As a limited special offer to celebrate the Series launch, the individual guide modules can be purchased for £30 each, and the bundled price is £97 for the set. Please select the ‘Foundation Bundle’ offer on the Purchase page to make this saving.

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The guides are being published as they are completed. The completed (foundational) guides are available on this site with the remainder of the series still to be written ... according to reader feedback and direction. Please vote below to influence the chronology in which the remaining guides are produced.