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Advisory Support

Dom is available to work as an advisor, or non-executive director, to the Boards of growing professional service firms. As a result of his own experience of taking a consultancy business from start-up to a c. £20m sale in under five-years, he is particularly well matched to companies that are targeting a future value realisation event or, at least, have ambitious growth targets. Dom typically works with 4-6 companies at any point with time input per company ranging from 4-6 days/year Board attendance through to more protracted engagements that target specific capability development projects within such businesses (support can range from diagnostic to project scoping to delivery/assurance of such efforts). Dom pays close attention to the cultural/values fit when selecting the companies he works with in this regard but if interested to hear more, and to explore how this might work for your business, please contact him here.


Dom is an experienced trainer able to develop and deliver bespoke training from any mix of the topics covered in these guides. In due course, there are plans for a series of ‘Five-Year Entrepreneur’ full-day and residential workshops (please let us know if you are interested in hearing more about these). Conversely, Dom is able to deliver in-house training to your company staff on the ‘hot topics’ specific to your own current growth challenge. Whether it be about motivating a more entrepreneurial mindset across your company or covering the specific elements of one of the guides, he is able to help you scope the right training intervention. Remember, you will then be hearing this … not from a full-time trainer or academic … but from someone who has actually ‘been there and done it’ and can answer the pragmatic ‘from the coalface’ questions everyone inevitably has.

Company Team Days

At the core of Moorhouse’s success, was the habit of taking the whole firm away from work for 1-2 days every quarter for ‘Escape’ events. These gatherings were instrumental in terms of refreshing the firm’s strategy, providing essential professional development, facilitating firm-wide knowledge share and, generally, re-charging collective batteries through motivational/social serials. Dom is an expert facilitator of such events so please contact him here if you need support ranging from the design/scoping of such events through to their active delivery and facilitation.


Dom speaking at a recent TEDx Conference

Dom also, occasionally, speaks at public and company events on a range of topics related to the ‘Five-Year Entrepreneur’ series – be that on the subjects of encouraging entrepreneurship, business leadership generally or the challenge of growing value in professional service firms specifically (and how successful firms go about this). When time allows, Dom is pleased to waive his fee for charities and educational institutions hosting not-for-profit events. Please contact him here to discuss a speaking requirement.

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