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November 13, 2012 at 8:36 pm #540

Key Master

I can still remember vividly how it felt in the months and weeks before starting-up my own professional service business. It wasn’t a snap decision; rather, it was something I premeditated over a number of years. Indeed, I came close to going too early but was very conscious of building up sufficient knowledge/confidence in the industry of my choosing (as an employee) in order not too make too many mistakes (or spend too long building networks) at my own expense.

Next comes the period of potential procrastination; you can enter a period where you start to bore yourself with the number of conversations you have with friends/acquaintances about your desire to go out on your own … but, for many, this rhetoric never converts to reality.

The actual decision to commit is a hugely powerful one – it unleashes an energy, and a set of circumstances, that you can never entirely predict but (as this Guide series explains) coupled with hard work and a structured approach will inevitably be a positive, life-changing path.

In the immediate months before company start-up as I penned my business plan, my thoughts would vacillate between excitement, wild self-motivation and the occasional self-doubt (‘Should I really be planning for a future practice of multiple staff as I write this at my cramped attic desk, with no clients, no colleagues, no brand etc?). With retrospect, these are the special moments. All great companies started with someone having  that potent mix of ‘what if?’ vision, audacious disrespect for the status quo and the ability to communicate/transfer their energy to others. It is only human, however, midst all this to have your doubts and moments of private trepidation.

As the Guide reinforces, however, whilst you are sensible to carefully consider the timing of start-up in the context of your career/motivations/skills/networks etc … there is never the absolute, safe, perfect moment. No one is ever the complete article or guaranteed of success. To entrepreneur is ultimately, to dare.

So, at risk of rambling on, it would be great to hear from you here … if you are a seasoned business owner, can you share your motivations for starting-up, the emotions you traversed at the time, your reflections on this period? If you are considering starting-out, why not share your concerns, anxieties and questions. Many will have ‘been in your shoes’ and may be able to offer advice and encouragement in return.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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