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September 11, 2013 at 9:58 pm #781


Having started to read Doms’ account of how he built up Moorhouse, one the points which I need further information on is how he managed to grow his company from a singleton in Year 1 to having 25 staff by the end of Year 2. Very impressive as I am sure you will all agree and a bit like pumping your company with steroids to pump it up rapidly. However, I am really interested to realise how he done it?? How was cashflow achieved? How did he manage to take the time to recruit so many staff, keep the business going and I presume his first Client? Was this expansion of the first Clients requirements? I think this is fundamental to understand as from my perspective, the proposition of going from singleton to several is quite daunting as it comes hand in hand with securing the contracts for it to happen. So how did you do it Dom?

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